Yom Kippur starts tonight, and I have much to repent for. And if it’s a sin to laugh at the misfortunes of others or to mock stupidity, I am the world’s worst sinner. And I’d like to present some proof of this.

But first, birthdays, as is my tradition, which include a Founding Father who makes shitty beer; an artist whose craft has been degraded beyond measure; a smarmy solon who at least rid us of the second-worst president ever but was a hilariously inapt Left cult figure;  one of my favorite magicians; another solon who had something in common with Art Garfunkel; a guy who navigated the fine line between genius and insanity– not always very well; a guy who loved cake and was SugarFree’s spiritual father; an unjustly overlooked songwriter and fine guitarist; and the patron saint of Crazy Eyes.

Now the mockery.


Starting with… The Beef Rebellion.


Cause of death: corona. I think it was overflow from Honey Harvest.


Gettin’ the popcorn and mixed drinks ready.


Can’t see what could possibly go wrong.


“I don’t have to outrun the bear, I only have to outrun YOU.”


“He died doing what he loved.”


And finally, some real science stuff for ya.


And last, the Old Guy Music, featuring a birthday boy with the subject of last week’s Old Guy Music. Double Old!