Happy Thursday, everybody. I am going to check out a new gym this afternoon that has lifting and Muay Thai classes. Not that I am ever going to be the type to have fans chanting “Nok Soo Cow” in an arena, but it occurred to me that I am entirely bored with my life in the bubble and feeling isolated, and what could be a manlier way to resolve that than having other men trying to kick me in the head while I try to do the same to them? (They are in no danger as long as they keep their head above hip level) And the lifting classes, I need another set of eyes on what I do once in a while, I could probably get a little coaching and stop oscillating around the same weights.

Nobody ever told me my job could include destructive testing of expensive things.

Black licorice, not even once. (h/t OMWC)

Mr. President… we can not afford… an asteroid mining gap!

There’s being frugal and then there’s being cheap. (h/t Grand Moff Serious Man)