O-H yeah!!!

I had to pinch myself because I thought it was a dream. The Big Ten is back! And that means football, man. Sweet, sweet, college football. Also, the US Open starts today. Can anybody catch DJ?  Possibly, but I’m not even sure I’d take the field against him this week. Dude is absolutely on fire. And that’s sports.

That’s how you celebrate a win.

Revolutionary general Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben was born on this day. He shares it with outfielder Earl Webb, hotelier J.W. Marriott, Supreme Court justice Warren Burger, country legend Hank Williams, actor Roddy McDowall, racing legend Sir Stirling Moss, actress Anne Bancroft, basketball coach Phil Jackson, Indian PM Narendra Modi, pitcher John Franco, hockey player Alex Ovechkin, and QB Patrick Mahomes.

That’s it for that. Now on to…the links!

Well this sucks. I’ve got a good buddy in Orange Beach, AL and he tells me its absolutely devastated there. I hope they’re all ok.

Party time: Barbados style!

Barbados to become a republic. Gives the queen two fingers. Good for them. Royalty is outdated.

Wait, what? We have heat rays? Also, any military unit that doesn’t “stockpile” ammunition before doing anything is an unprepared military unit. But I want to know more about these heat rays.

I guess this won’t be a big deal either, right? You know, since none of them were ever technically at war with Israel…even though most of them didn’t even recognize their right to exist until about a week ago.

Minneapolis has gone to shit.

Somebody should ask them what the road to hell was paved with. Oh well, maybe they could just start arming the social workers now. And give them arrest powers. Oh, and train them on how to safely apprehend people. And then just call them the police.  Dumbasses.

This is unsurprising. I’m just shocked the mayor demanded the reforms. This one will be interesting, seeing as Chicago is probably the most corrupt, out-of-control PD in the country. Well, this is what happens when the one party who runs a city lets the police be above the law for decades.

This guy knows his video game protocols: Weapon slot 1: (ranged) Weapon slot 2: (melee). Also, boba sucks.

Please make this a reality. I’m sure all the farmers will adapt.

Here’s a nice, breezy song. I hope you enjoy it. I will.

Now have a great day, friends! I’m headed home today, so I know I will.