They just keep on rolling.

If debate was a sport (and thankfully it isn’t), tonight would be the Daytona 500: there will be a lot of boring shit, a couple of catastrophic crashes, and then somebody who doesn’t deserve to win something prestigious will win something prestigious.  Oh, and the prize should no longer be prestigious. There’s that too.  But we have real sports to talk about, not metaphors. And in real sports, Tampa Bay won the Stanley Cup, Villa beat Fulham, and Liverpool kept up their winning ways after thrashing Arsenal. The Gooners had about three whole chances to score for the whole game while the opposite end looked like a training ground. And it was awesome. Now more League Cup games for the next few days. Enjoy those, because they’re often a lot of fun.


Pompey the Great was born on this day. He shares it with Spanish writer Cervantes, British Admiral Horatio Nelson, Economist and fucking legend Ludwig von Mises, racer and flyer Roscoe Turner, physicist Enrico Fermi, the singing cowboy Gene Autry, actor Trevor Howard, rocker and child-lover Jerry Lee Lewis, playboy PM Silvio Berlusconi, pitcher Mike McCormick, MASH actor Larry Linville, Polack president Lech Walesa, assist man John Paxson, musician Les Claypool, F1 driver Mika Hakkinen, and baseball player Rob Deer.

And now we can get on with…the links!


Yes, I’m just starting with a tweet. The hubris of this asshole is just spectacular. 1: he’s wrong. 2: he’s a hypocrite. 3: his power doesn’t extend beyond his broke-ass state. So fuck him.

What an odd thing to hack. I mean…why? Sure, there’s some personal info. But all you did was make it public. Silly, really.

Wait, they destroyed the copies of basically all the evidence? This guy doesn’t need to be alone in being charged. Also, seriously, pulling people over for running with high-beams is fucking ridiculous. Sure, it’s a dick move, but shouldn’t be cause for initiating a police encounter.

The wildfires are back. And now they’re threatening wine country. Which ain’t good at all.

The circus is coming! The circus is coming! Have fun, Cleveland. You asked for this.

This has been going on a lot longer than this year. It’s how MN ended up with Franken.

I bet they’re really doing a deep dive here. Also, shouldn’t this be federal cops, since it’s effectively a RICO case? I’m sure nothing will happen and the election shenanigans will continue.

I guess they’re really gonna go there after all. Well, I shouldn’t be surprised. But seriously…this isn’t a wise decision.

United Airlines and pilots reach deal that keep their jobs…for now. Holding off the inevitable until that sweet government bailout comes such an airline play. Even without The Corona.

I’d be fine with this becoming a reality. Also, who gets salty about the design of a soda can?

Enjoy. Such a great song and a great band.

Now get out there and have a great day, friends.