It’s Hump Day, y’all, and I am tired. I’ve been up before 5am until after 10 this whole week. This is Stage 1 training for newborn arrival. Time to start reacquainting my body with sleep deprivation. The soft days are over. Its time to get back to the old “sleep is for the weak” mindset.

Separate train of thought: I started doing these ankle mobility exercises and one involves kneeling down butt on ankles for, well, as long as I can stand it. It feels like getting a tooth drilled without being numbed. Not necessarily from a pain standpoint, but the same panicked reaction from my hindbrain that screams: “Fuck you, forebrain! This is not good, we’re being hurt, get up and run away!” I don’t really experience that in any other stretch. Does anyone else ever get that reaction?

Joe Biden, mushmouth or cryptomuslim? Seems like a correct use of the phrase, so probably just an accident.

Do you usually seek a week delay in releasing records when they show you to have done your utmost as a public servant?

Cry more, pussy. Just stay the fuck home if you disagree with lifting restrictions.

Three quarters of a million new jobs seem like a lot.