Spudalicious gets a night off, so you get my post instead.

Get your own beer, Mini-STEVE SMITH!

Mex… he did it to me again. He takes my suggestion to review some Märzenbieren, and now we have product overlap. Das ist unter aller Kanone! Maybe I will have Prathiba send him some flowers he is allergic to.

Of course, Swiss beer reviews are precise, and superbly accurate….so I have got that going for me. Which is nice.

Bier first, then links.

Great Lakes Oktoberfest

Victory. This tastes like…victory.

Charlie don’t drink Oktoberfest!

This looks it, this smells it, and this tastes it. It is malt heaven. Neither overly roasty, nor overly sweet. It drinks clean, finishes crisp and is what a Märzenbier should be. Period.

Go find some and buy it. Jetzt!


Sierra Nevada Oktoberfest

Last year’s champion…now 2nd place.

Gee….second place.

Last year Sierra Nevada was the champ. This year…2nd best. No shame in that! It would have tied or taken first, but it doesn’t finish quite as clean as the Great Lakes. Don’t get me wrong, this bier is quite good, and worth getting. It might have a bit wider distribution than Great Lakes, too.


Bell’s Oktoberfest

What happened? Bell’s has turned out consistently excellent beverages for many a year. This one is…not that. It’s just, off somehow. Starts ok, then finishes sharply…metallic? I have to wonder if I got a bad six-pack. You know something is wrong when beer survives long in my fridge.


Local Heroes

While Illinois has many problems, good local beer is not one of them. Maybe they are related? Bad times require good beer. Some area Oktoberfests;

Crystal Lake Brewing

Strong effort – about the same as Sierra Nevada.

Sew Hop’d

Best thing they have turned out lately. This is an improving brewery.

Solemn Oath

They show you can take a failed experiment (last year’s hopped Märzen…wtf?) reverse course and make a really good beer.


Now that you have received beer wisdom, we move on to the Links.