Disc on Shrooms


Of course one of the first things I did when I moved to the Western Michigan shore, was run the Udisc app and look for courses. Udisc is a free app that does a lot of cool stuff, more later. Niece #3 and I decided to play the Beauty one Saturday, located in Mason County, it’s one of three courses on the same property, and a nice park it is!




So pretty

A nice little group

We soon hooked up with some friends and headed out, after a few sunny holes we enter the woods, here’s an example of a fairway, not very fair, but a lot of fun trying to navigate.


Did I make it?

This is another 24 hole course, I guess 24×3=72? like 18 holes of ball golf, but whatever, check this out, Hole 13, trees everywhere, no open tee shot to the Basket, Jacob rips out a long shot and Shing! Chains? Maybe.

Ace Man!

Oh Hell Yes!, his first Ace and my first witness, cheers all around!

Headed to the sunlight

 A bit more of the forest and we finish in the sun, tired but happy.

Manistee has a Disc course.

Indeed, this little town has a 5 hole course, which never stops Disc players from creating 9, or even 18 different holes, but here’s some tree golf for you, the baskets are in the center of the frame.


Hole #1



Easy huh? Short huh? No one has ever managed to birdie the whole thing, I wonder why?

Ah, Udisc, if you play disc this app is for you, 9000+ courses, with course layouts, yardage, conditions, leaderboards and anything else you need to play the game, anywhere in the World (mostly NA), it’s sanctioned by the PDGA, so you know you’re getting all the courses.

I’m trying to slide in games while visiting breweries, maybe a Doubleheader next. Cheers!