Its been said here repeatedly, “they could never make that show again today”.  Its true, there are a number of old TV shows and movies that are considered offensive today.  Except the list of offensive shows going through your head right now, probably wasn’t marketed directly to children.

This is my review of Mother Road Brewing Lost Highway Black IPA:

The show I am thinking about is Ren and Stimpy.  The cable network, Nickelodeon, originally aired it along with two other original shows, Doug and Rugrats, as it was moving away from being a channel that only airs reruns of Looney Tunes.   The difference being, the other two cartoons actually are meant for children.

It is a story of a Chihuahua named Ren, and his fat feline pal named Stimpy.  Stimpy is a bit loopy and naive and often is the one coming up with the twisted plot device.  Ren resembles a crackhead, and his temperament going between extremes adds to the perception of chronic drug use between the two.  I do not recall an instance of drug use in the show.

The show’s creator apparently got the idea by looking at a picture of a Chihuahua in a sweater…

 “It’s a very funny picture,” Kricfalusi said, “because here’s a psychotic looking monster in a cute sweater.” That same ferociousness coming from an unlikely animal informed the character of Ren from day one.

If you want to judge the entire show based on a single clip, let it be this one.  H/T:  Stinky Wizzleteats.

I am happy to announce they are bringing it back(!) but I am not terribly excited about it.

Because I am an adult?  No.  Because the show’s creator will not be participating.  Two years ago he was accused of sexual abuse in a documentary produced by Buzzfeed.   The guy was straight up, being a Biden.

He was also on heroin.  I imagine the reboot will be like Stone Temple Pilots after Scott Weiland dealt with his heroin addiction:  an uninteresting shell of its former self.


What is interesting is this beer.  Unlike most IPA it actually balances both the extremes in one.  It is very hoppy, but it also takes the extreme of burnt coffee, so it actually does appeal to me.  Then there is the 8% abv part…Don’t drink them all before operating machinery.  Mother Road Brewing Lost Highway Black IPA:  3.9/5