I have a few family obligations when this is posted so I will have to make this fairly short.  Relax, nobody is dead but its still somewhat early here on the time zone so perfect it never changes with the seasons.

On to the links!

Willy Wonka got serious about stolen gobstoppers

No, AMLO…No.  The Honduran migrants are not heading to the US out of a secret plot to influence the US election.  The only thing dumber is the LA Times entertaining this as a theory.  Why now?  Maybe it fall and the weather is more agreeable to walk across a desert than in July.

Its no matter, they got bottlenecked by Guatemala‘s Oompa Loompa Army and many were bused back to Honduras.

Mexico breaks $14 billion worth of ventanas.

British court rules Maduro can keep his gold…for now.



Here’s a lively tune.  Have a great afternoon.