This is my local brewery, why I haven’t been sooner? IDK, but here we are.

I got there right at opening, after a walk that is its own post, and was greeted by a young, enthusiastic waiter, and proceeded with a pint of Firestorm Smoked Porter, Abv, 8.16%.


Smoking good

Exactly what a Porter should be, smooth, flavorful, and light in the mouth.


Well done flight

It took a minute for the kids to get the taps up, but I got my flight in good time, a mixed bag indeed.

India Pale Lager, yep, very dry and somewhat sweet, better in the summer I’m sure. Abv 7.89%  4.5/5

Manistees IPA, meh, not an IPA I ever had, no hops. Abv 7.2%,  3/5

Sawmill Stout, very thin for a stout, but warmed up nice. Abv 7.4%  3/5

Salt City Blonde Ale, this is a real nice light-drinking fun citrusy brew, better for summer, it made me sneeze. Abv 5.9% 4/5


Yummy!I told them I was a writer, and can I take pictures, all of a sudden the staff is asking how I thought every beer was, then they brought me samples, and more samples, and a NCB Ale glass, etc.




Brewing goes on here


A flight


A Growler of Scotch Ale


The Brewery 

All up, it’s a nice place to visit at least once. 

4 out of 5 overall.