Bring back sports like this, please.

Sports aren’t even sports anymore. This is getting totally out of control. Nobody can be expected to handle a little adversity, real or imagined, on a field of play.  That’s pretty much what happened yesterday, aside from the Astros, Yankees, and Rays winning their playoff series and moving on.  Some more teams will do so today.

Big birthdays today are Holy Roman Emperor Charles VI, aviation pioneer William Boeing, martial arts instructor Ip Man, baseball player Jimmie Reese, outlaw Bonnie Parker, acting great Walter Matthau, president Jimmy Carter, SC justice William Rehnquist, the A-Team’s George Peppard, the lovely actress Julie Andrews, baseball HOFer Rod Carew, pitcher Jeff Reardon, British PM Theresa May, steroid aficionado Mark McGwire, and bigmouth actress of limited ability Brie Larson.

Now on to…the links!

Fight! Fight! Fight!

This ought to be interesting. We could really use some European discord. It’s long overdue, to be honest.

This should go over really well. Especially with a lot of hispanic immigrants who recently became citizens.

They supposedly have this guy.

Looks like the LA Sheriff’s Dept has got their man. And if this adds up to you, can you show me your math? Mine works out to a different solution.

The march through the institutions continues. This is getting totally fucking retarded.

Miami-Dade and Naples (Fla) Counties…you ought to be ashamed of yourselves. The rest of the state, you did a pretty decent job. Now time to pardon the “fines” that were levied against people who had broken no law.

It’s a story as old as our education system. The kid, in this case, was refreshingly honest.

Business as usual in Chicago. Because they couldn’t just grant the tax collection permit to all applicants and let them set up business as they want…you know, something called freedom.

Still closed in the face of all the evidence…idiots.

Wait, they’re still fucking closed?!?! You know, the kids being indoctrinated in that city are fucked up enough. Now they’ve apparently not even been able to play for six months?  Wow.

I hope they toss these asshole kids in jail for a long time. And I hope the police rethink their strategy of busting down doors with guns drawn.

Just a song about a car. And a damn fine one at that.

Now go have a great day, friends.