They’re not good.

The Cowboys are shit. The Chiefs aren’t. The World Series starts tonight (nobody gives a fuck). And the UCL gets started today.  Oh yeah, and we’re just four days away from the start of the college football season. Yay!!!

Dude was a beast!

English astronomer and architect Christopher Wren was born on this day. He shares it with psychologist John Dewey, actor Bela Lugosi, neutron discoverer James Chadwick, baseball player and power drinker Mickey Mantle, HOF pitcher Juan Marichal, musical genius Tom Petty, first baseman Keith Hernandez, soccer great Ian Rush, rapper and entrepreneur Snoop Dog, and actor John Krasinski.

Decent list, but it’s time to move on to…the links!

Oh my!

I never really expected CNN to get this headline right. Not that I expected them to say their top legal analyst whipped his dick out and started jacking it on a New Yorker staff call, but still. They know what happened.Oh, and if you don’t have a twitter account, you’re missing out. Shit like this is where the platform really shines.

Trump demands debate topics be changed (to the topic the last debate is always about, they fail to mention). We’re about to have an election and not a single debate will have asked about foreign policy. And one of the candidates will have spent more time in his basement than on the trail over the last two months of the campaign.  And the media won’t even mention it.  Seems legit.

This guy seems sane. Just the type of tolerance I’ve come to expect from the tolerant left.

Four strangers.

The Hunter Biden shit gets weirder by the day. Not that you’d hear it on CNN or MSNBC, or any of the networks.

The Supreme Court allows PA to receive ballots up to three days after the election. Which is fine by me. The mail can run slow.  What’s fucked up is that the ballots don’t have to have clear postmarks. But I guess that’s because ballots have never just appeared out of nowhere int a big election, right? Al Franken’s entire election was legit.

I’m sure this will make her friends and influence others. Not that she gives a shit.

I’m sure the city isn’t gonna stand for this. But they’ll ding him with code violations and other stupid shit since they know people like him are bailing out their useless police department.

NASA gonna try to get part of an asteroid. This is actually pretty cool. I’m glad they scheduled it before their mission changed to being inclusive and shit.

Here’s a beautiful song. Enjoy it.

Now get out there and have a great day, friends!