My oldest was poking around in a closet when he came across something that piqued his interest.

No, it wasn’t a secret stash, porn, or even a secret stash of porn.

This is my review of Zywiec:

He found a PSE Recurve bow I bought while I lived in Colorado on account of my wife watching the summer olympics nonstop.  She watched the archery events and said, “I could do that…”

While she never attempted to shoot it…ever, the boy heckled me enough times for me to find a range he can try it out.  Unfortunately, it resulted in several arrows falling short.  The boy’s utter lack of arm strength didn’t stop me from sharing it on my Facebook page.

This lead to my aunt asking if I wanted one she had lying around in her shed.  Somebody whom she once cohabitated apparently owned it and since she was never going to use it, she would bring it up next time she was in town.

That was the next weekend where she signed off on an MMJ card for my parents.  Who then sent me a photo of the bow telling me to go pick it up.  It looked a bit trashed.

Then I noticed something in the photo:

“Wait, does that say Hoyt?”

”Yes, not sure if that means anything…”

This was definitely the screwiest, random re-gift from my aunt or any other relative I received in a long time.  So next time I took the boy to the range I had the guy at the desk look at it.

“I can’t in good conscience let you shoot this.  Its missing a few parts, the gouge in the limb isn’t going to hold, and did somebody rest this on the pulley for ten years?”

”Probably.  I got it for a good price.”

”An Aspen Contender is a classic but you’ll never find parts for it.  Put it over your fireplace or something, it is pretty.”

I’m not so easily discouraged, but I will have to make this a two part series.  Sorrey.


Zywiec is a Polish brand that I’ve reviewed before but probably shouldn’t link to on account of the article actually being about the origins of the Polish joke.  The comments unfortunately devolved into a hot mess where pretty much everyone began tossing out racial/ethnic slurs at each other, myself included.  Because I would like to maintain a level of civility on this site, and due to recent news of WordPress deplatforming sites they deem uncouth…Meh.  Screw it (Screendoor on a Submarine)

The beer is a bland Pilsner lager, made in the usual competent but unremarkable European style.  Which is always better than the other way around.  Zywiec:  2.8/5