So I decided to grow some plants again, indoor of course, I want a Ficus tree and some African Violets, but let’s start with the easy stuff, Marijuana! I have done it in many forms and formulas, this style will be a hybrid grow, I call it Dirt Dro. We shall use an amended soil, with Nutrient fortified watering to produce some killer buds, let’s see what I have to start with.

 We start with rockwool cubes cut in half to germinate the seeds, half under the dome, half out, to see what grows sooner, we are only looking for 4 good plants, too many teens is a waste of time, at first.

Clone boxes

 This is a new set of equipment, hence a new style of growing, once established, the children will go into porous 8” pots that will sit on a layer of Hydrotin/ Nutrient water, in waterproof pans.

 The lighting is 3x 1000w LED fixtures that produce 12000 Lumens each, with veg or bloom settings that actually work, the light rack is simple to operate, up, down, side to side,


Easy brackets

Timers and surge protection

2/3 Lights

The tools, yes there are a few you need to get good results, you don’t have to have them, but, fuck it, you need these,

PPm, Ph, Hygrometer

 A PPM meter, this measures the total dissolved solids in your water, if you want to run 600 ppm of nutes, you need to account for the TDS in your water,

PH meter, obvious, you want around 6.0 but that’s entirely dependant on your specific grow

Hygrometer, only if you are growing in soil, essential if you do, soil moisture is critical for good growth and keeping root bind to a minimum.

Materials, oh boy, here’s a list of my starter set, this is a basic setup, good for complete cycles, just add nutes and love,

Lights (see above)

10L Hydroton

Awesome for drainage

32L Miracle grow Indoor soil (shhhhh)

8 oz Kool bloom

32 oz Nova Bloom

Plants Crave it!

10 porous pots

5 grow trays


2 clone trays with covers and humidity vents

Clone City

Gallon pails


Measuring tools


I’m doing Seed for the first time, it should be fine, I’ll show much more detail next time, if we are locked down, might as well do something….

Next stop? Well, next stop, Adios Mein Froinds!