SugarFree and I had a discussion a while back about what sort of cocktail a Fruit Sushi would be. SF thought a blended dark rum drink with a horchata base and fruit cocktail. His vision entailed a blue curacao floater shot with a wee comb in it. Having, I guess, nothing better to do with my time, I tried to implement this. I made horchata using a recipe that I had used before. I had some leftover dark rum from making the Alton Brown aged eggnog. I acquired some plastic shot glasses and blue curacao (that trip to the liquor store ended up costing me three figures, because I also found some 10 year old Basil Hayden rye. If nothing else good came from this cocktail attempt, at least I got that.

So, horchata, ice, fruit cocktail in the blender (with a few pieces of fruit reserved for garnish). Add rum. Approximate proportions: 2 cups ice, 1.5 cups horchata, a 5oz can of fruit cocktail, and 4oz rum. I did not have the bartender skills to float the curacao shooter. It kept wanting to sink in the blended drink. I guess either more ice next time, or find a self-floating shooter glass. When all mixed together, it looked more like blue milk from Star Wars.

The Verdict

This drink was waaayyy too sweet. It makes tradit blended rum drinks like pina colada or daquiri seem balanced. Which probably makes it perfect to offer 17 year old interns or for grownups who can’t change a car tire. But seriously, however sweet you think you like a tiki drink, this is worse.

What I might try next time: making an unsweetened horchata and draining the fruit cocktail. But probably not. The cocktail was bad.

What are your suggestions for the Fruit Sushi cocktail?

A better cocktail: Spicy Margarita

2 slices fresh jalapeno

2 slices fresh cucumber

1/2oz agave syrup (or other syrup – I don’t really notice a flavor)

1/2 oz Cointreu

Muddle all above together add:

1oz lime juice

2oz tequila

Shake and double strain over ice.