My company is giving away annual awards so I could either pay attention to the Zoom call that has the audience muted…or listen to this.

I regret nothing.

This is my review of Guinness Imperial Gingerbread Spiced Stout:

This week the media spent an awful lot of mental energy over Jill Biden—excuse me—Dr. Jill Biden, which then began a trend on Twitter where users began listing their credentials in their handle.

The issue like many is rooted in antiquity. The title itself is a derivation of a Latin word, Docere, which means to teach or refers to a scholar. The medieval university system bestowed the title to any “learned” individual that willingly completed such a program to build an expert level of knowledge to a level to be able to teach others.  Teaching is the key.  Did you learn about history?  Doctor…Philosophy?  Doctor…Astronomy?  Doctor…And so on so forth that this happened to include physicians and surgeons:

Europe’s formal medical education system started in the late Middle Ages, with the rise of the universities in what is now Northern Italy. From approximately ad 1100 until the mid-19th century, two tiers of medical practitioners existed: (1) academic doctors and (2) practically trained surgeons (which consisted of a motley collection of practitioners, including barber–surgeons, traveling practitioners, ship’s surgeons, tooth extractors, etc.). Academic doctors were learned gentlemen, and their training was exclusively theoretical, except maybe for learning the skill of drug preparation.

Too bad for them, they were unable to see 900 years into the future and know medicine would somehow become the ultimate applied science in the view of a significant segment of society.  I’m sure they are sorry about their lack of foresight.

For the rest of us watching the intellectual dick measuring went from amusing, to eye-rolling, to “Goddamnit Tucker, don’t you have anything better to complain about?”   I would think a cheap joke from the right is unlike her husband she actually did legitimately earn her title?

I am sure these people worked for their degree, and there are reasons within the credentialed class for why it is appropriate or inappropriate to refer to people in such ways.  Here’s Grandpa Joe’s explanation for why his wife got her degree:

Image search result for “Michelle Obama bottled urine”

Ultimately, this is stupid because it doesn’t matter.  Its anti-intellectual, culture war, hogwash endemic of a society searching tirelessly for things to be offended about—they won’t call her that because they’re sexist.  No, its because they would rather not listen to the media rhetorically bottle her farts, infuse it with oil and sell it on Ebay. This is especially ironic given how medical doctors be-clowned themselves over the past year—no we must lionize real doctors, they’re HEROES.  Well, perhaps then they shouldn’t turn applied science into a running joke at best, and a death cult at worst?  Besides. any non-clinician working in health care will tell you how often MDs are almost to a person, insufferable pricks.

Much like the pronoun people asking to be referred by their preference:  ask me nicely and I’m probably going to do it; be a jerk and I’m probably going to be one in return.


mexican sharpshooter, not a doctor.

This is a white girl beer.  It may look like a spiced stout aged in whiskey barrels, but its definitely a white girl beer.  Its meant for white girls that like whiskey barrel stouts over 10% abv.  I’m sure there is one of them out there somewhere. Guinness Imperial Gingerbread Spiced Stout:  3.9/5