It’s getting ugly for Pittsburgh.

Man, the Stillers are doing everything they can to blow the division. Now they’re losing to the Bungles! Oh well, they’d waaaaay overachieved this season anyway.  aTm fans are still being salty bitches, as the entire SEC jumps on the Bama bandwagon to prove how great their own team is.  Which means we’re finally getting back to normal, I suppose.  And that’s pretty much it for sports.

“And then he put his blank in her blank!”

Big birthdays today are Italian composer Giacomo Puccini, baseball HOFer Connie Mack, tobacco heiress Doris Duke, awesome actress Barbara Billingsley, game show host Gene Rayburn, hurler Steve Carlton, baseball player Steve Garvey, twin “rockers” Maurice and Robin Gibb, insanity-stopper Susan Powter, rapper Luther Campbell, actor Ralph Fiennes, actress Dina Meyer (notorious for them pancake titties in Starship Troopers), possible serial killer and US Senator Ted Cruz, and underrated hockey player Kirk Maltby.

That list was average at best.  And don’t get your back up about the pancake titties comment. Especially since you know it to be true.  Anyway, on to…the links!

Congress putting the finishing touches on the Covid bill.

Congress passes the biggest pile of shit ever. I really don’t know what else to say about it.  Trump will sign it, I’d imagine. And our currency will been step closer to insolvency. But at least one person looked at it objectively. A sin for which he will probably be pilloried.

Best of luck, lady. You’re about to find out what people like us have been bitching about for years. Things you never even thought about as a government hack who had an outsized influence on others lives.

So it’ll be pretty much like the teens? Big breaking news there, Yale.

You want to know how I know we’re alone in the universe? Because this piece of human filth has never been right about anything in his miserable life.

These assholes should be out of a job.

Desk duty? That’s the best you can do? This is pretty much all the proof anybody needed that the Chicago Police Department is above the law.

Miserable, unlikable asshole cheers the end of holiday parties. I eagerly await the end of the Hermit Era. This Fiona Lee idiot will lament people once again becoming interconnected.

I’m sorry for your loss, lady. Now stop trying to be an authoritarian. Also, learn to read the side of the box and also keep at-risk family members at home.  Have a nice day.

And here’s a great song for y’all. Enjoy it!

Now get out there and have a great day, dear friends!