Heating isn’t an issue, the Gas bill is,

The sky isn’t Grey, your eyes just haven’t adjusted,


Lack of vitamin D, doesn’t mean you don’t have scurvy,

Just because you drive, doesn’t mean you know how,


Being born conveys no rights, Even in America,

Be still my child, that I may smother you,


The new old, born in fire,

And the people wish it weren’t so,


To build up, as it crashes,

 A fools game, Sobriety is no cure,


No solace in technology,

Not Moon nor Mars, will we ever see,


Bets are paid, and deals once kept,

Are mere cries in the darkness,


Soon the last light comes,

As we wait, and watch,


Heat warms the soil beneath us,

That last gasp of life itself,


As life strains into the sunlight,

And circles, drain or sky,


Amidst the dying embers,

Of the world we once knew,


Ekeing out our existence,

We threw away our chance,


There is a point to the tale I tell,

Not really sure how it goes,


No prophesy or vision,

Just a thought…..