The lost Generation


I feel as if I am one of a forgotten generation, Maybe you could say a Lost generation, I’m not sure, but here’s a few thoughts. I speak to/of the kids born from ‘62 til about ‘74, basically my age to about 47 now, where do we fit in the Generational scope? I’m a Boomer? No, an Xer? Certainly not, I learned Rock from Mom and Dad, the Stones type of thing, went through the disco era, then on to Punk rock, I suffered no ill effects but never quite fit into the scene, either too young, or too old.

 Wendy and I were married in ‘88, and our Kids were either too old or too young to hang with our friends’ kids, they still had fun but it became obvious to me that we weren’t in the same generational timeline as our friends.

 There are many anomalies, like Nieces being older than Aunts, that kind of stuff, in the workplace, no one likes us, we are old enough to know, can still do the job, and piss off the kids,

Many of my friends have died, half from substance, half from dumb medical issues they could have taken care of, but were too busy working for the family, a lot when I turned 53, spooky, (looking at Prince, 53 same as me at the time). We avoided War, and chose Apathy……

We are very Glibertarian if you can find someone who isn’t apathetic to the whole structure,

 We are very few, tired and skeptical, we, the Lost Generation,


**** I’m not whining, I embrace the suck, 2020 was a bitch for us all….