I got a ton of time today.  My company was bought out by a larger company in California so not only am I taking their trainings but for good measure I am taking the old ones because the new company doesn’t have Arizona-specific training yet.  Which is a fantastic thing to get paid to do.

So here’s a few links:

Likely already discussed around these parts, but the Mexican President discovers if they can do it to Trump they can certainly do it tonot so bigly figures on the world stage.

Speaking of Mexico, restauranteurs are beginning to openly defy the lockdown.  What’s our excuse?

Outside of Brazil, Boxing is still king in Latin America but an interesting piece on how UFC is building a talent pipeline.

“We didn’t have transportation, but after some time, when I won a bit of money, we bought a car between Henry Briones, Alvaro Herrera and myself,” Cannetti said. “We bought a car, but the first few months ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone let us borrow a truck, and it was 12 of us on that truck going around Albuquerque. Imagine 12 of us in a truck; it was nuts.”

Um…yeah…Imagine that….

Yes, the 6th was some third-world bullshit.  Own it.

*Scratches Puerto Rico from potential retirement list*

Right, its Trump’s fault Biden will have a hard time normalizing relations with Cuba.  I get it, we can’t just piss on Kennedy’s grave.

A fun interpretation of an older tune.  Have a good afternoon.