Even the rats are drunk.


There’s a Glibertarian shindig going down in the Southwest. I just received some photos, so while we look at links, you can guess which Glib is in the picture.


Glib #1. Needs it dark to sleep.


This is my shocked face. And people wonder why we haven’t cured the common cold?


Glib #2 is actually in the rabbit suit.


The foxes are now established and breeding in the hen house.


Pay attention to the beard when you try and guess this one.


Coming to a Reddit subforum near you.


C’mon. This one should be obvious.


There was no indication what was climbed to be fallen off of, but the money right now is on the balcony.


Is there a birthday this weekend?


I believe Brett is still in Florida, so it’s plausible.


Seems appropriate.