Nice anniversary dinner last night in Scottsdale, just the two of us. At an actual restaurant. With actual tables. And actual waiters. It was almost like the Before Times. Which was particularly good since SP and I ask each other every few minutes, “Are we really the last sane people?” Every once in a while, we’d catch snatches of conversation from other tables and marvel at its geometrically perfect, almost crystalline vacuity.

Let’s pretend everything is normal, shall we, and that a giant heap of meteoritic stupidity and moral panics isn’t within days of landing dead center? That’s get us through the day. Oh, and please remember to visit our spanking new forum!

So many great birthdays today, it’s hard to know where to start. Maybe with a guy who may have even outdone Jefferson for range of brilliance; a pioneer of comedy films; an entrepreneur and champion of free markets; one of my favorite economists– and yours, too, I hope; everyone’s favorite senior; the best Catwoman; the star of the most hilariously bad baseball movie ever made and the voice of the worst news channel ever created; a cross between a baseball player and a gerbil; the unquestioned master of both puppetry and ventriloquism; simply The Greatest; an actual genius of comedy; the exact opposite; and a guy who makes me want to yell, “BANG! BANG!” just for the LOLZ.


Of course there will be diktats. The imperial presidency becomes more imperial.


I am unsure if this hypothesis is crackpot or brilliant, and this terribly done review doesn’t help. But I’ll read the book.


Pool on which commenter is missing? The dude had three names, that’s the tipoff.


I have fantasies of Wayne in an orange jumpsuit.


Again, let’s see which commenter goes missing.


We are shocked!


Arthur Brown nods.


You know who else has a birthday today? This guy. The little comment at the ending made me tear up a bit.