I don’t get to drop in much during the week what with working two jobs and keeping SP satisfied. But every once in a while, I try to give poor Banjos a break. Today is one of those times, so to all of you, “Hi dee ho, Neighbor!”

Birthdays today include a guy with a gold back; a guy whose name became a cliché; a guy who built bridges; the best actor in Airplane! and Beavis and Butthead Do America; a guy who proved that if you’re in opposition to Feynman, you’re likely wrong; a woman whose memory I cherish, since she told my first wife that she was not smart enough to be an academic; one of my favorite guitarists and a genuinely nice guy; a guy whom I always confuse with Paul Lynde; star of two of my favorite comedy TV series; and competition with Marianne Williamson for “Weirdest Team Blue Presidential Candidate.”

Now for the news.


Insert Stacy Abrams joke here.


Misleading headline. I am so shocked.


“Dear Nancy: Go fuck yourself. Love, Mike.”


Despite the rumors, this is NOT SP and me.


It’s not like they’re being petty for the sake of news coverage. Nossir.


Old Guy Music today is the obvious. Jolson bonus.