Boys and (mythical) girls, circle around and let’s have a quick chat!

The Civil War 2 series has always been a half-serious jaunt down some of the derpiest side roads of reality. However, these days, it seems that every Tom Hairy Dick… Erm… I mean Tom, Dick, and Harry is prognostifying on the likelihood of the conflict of many names. Frankly, I don’t like all them Johnny come latelies stealing my thunder.

Well, joke’s on all you usurpers! I’m going serious-ish. Well, kinda.

See, unlike when I started the series, pointing out the nuggets of instability that had the potential to interact violently, I’m writing from within a tinderbox today. The only things keeping us from all being at one another’s throats are an economy that is  wheezing along and a right wing that is still trying to figure out what the hell hit it.

I’ve been warning for a while that Big Non-Profit is probably the most pernicious of the Media-Education-NonProfit-Government complex the progressives have built, and the right, if they’re paying the slightest bit of attention to the left’s taunts ( ). You don’t fix this kind of stuff by electing another establishment GOPer to Congress. You don’t fix it by marching in the streets with signs. You don’t fix it by sending angry letters to the local newspaper or ranting in the comment section of your favorite media outlet.

There are only two reactions the right has (and only two reactions the rest of us have, too). Hide or fight. The right will resort to violence, and not the half-assed excuse for a riot that is currently being called “insurrection” . They will resort to violence because there are some who aren’t content to hide.

The signs are all there, except for one.

Institutional corruption: ✔️

Complete destruction of institutional trust: ✔️

Rapid curtailment of individual liberty and quashing of dissent: ✔️

Questionable assumption of power: ✔️

Group in power stripping away the traditions of civility and decorum: ✔️

Dissent impacting employment and other economic relationships : ✔️

Disaffected class prevented from having success by those in power: ✔️

An economic vise of lagging productivity and bubbling inflation: ✔️

Complete disconnect of worldview between those in power and those without power: ✔️

The only thing missing is a catalyst. I thought the Nashville car bombing may be it. I thought the Capitol riot may be it. You strike a match enough times and it’ll flare up. That said, I don’t think the economic ramifications have fully set in yet. People still have too much to lose to bother getting violent. Surprising as it is, our society and our economy showed off some unexpected resiliency in 2020. Now the question is how much of that resiliency is real and how much is a facade. Tune in throughout 2021 to find out!

The reality is that I’m no Nostrildamus. The tensions that are plainly evident in our society could erupt tomorrow, or we could be in the equivalent of 1850, decades away from widespread violence. Similarly, the economy can start showing stronger effects of all the profligate spending tomorrow, or it could be a year until the inflation hits us in earnest.

That all said, I’ve been of the opinion that we’ll see a few months of cooler heads prevailing. The prog-fascists got what they want, so they will enjoy their spoils. The next conflict point is either when the left decides to spike the football in particularly egregious fashion or when the economy catches up to the fiscal lunacy. Until then, all we can do is prep for the inevitable.