Notable birthdays today are thick on the ground, and include the first Italian to be the Emperor of Japan; the true hero of Hamilton; a guy who bridged two eras; a guy famous for use and abuse; one of Wisconsin’s Kennedys; far and away the greatest baseball player; a shitty president with a shittier wife; one of the German Goo Girls; my hero for slapping a cop and living to tell the tale; one of my favorite actors and a genuinely interesting person; a vastly overrated auteur who still managed to make one of my favorite sci-fi movies; a woman who, if there were truly justice in the universe, would have been stabbed to death; a wonderful singer-songwriter; a shitty propagandist who wants poor people to starve; a Boggle player with big feet; a very short singer with whom I had a run-in some years ago; and a performer whose roll was well chosen.

On to serious news.




Kiss your wallet goodbye.


When I saw this headline, I figured it had to be a PR deal from vampire “environmental” lawyers. And… indeed it is. A money-grubbing NGO I am painfully familiar with. Complete bullshit.


“It’s totally different than my senility.”


Never change, NPR, never change.


Time to riot. This is just too much.


Under Biden’s FDA, an emergency fast-track approval means “give us three weeks. Or so. No promises.”


Apparently, the First Amendment is a bridge too far for the Supreme Court.  Is there a Supreme Woodchipper?


Old Guy Music is a serious tune by a serious band.