Screwy week already.  Why are people talking about this Oprah interview?  Sure the 90’s never really ended and she’s a billionaire narcissist but there has to be somebody else out there that can interview people I have no interest in?

Nice, they’re making Spaetzle on Food Network…


Internaciónal Die de los Mujeres protest in Mexico City turns violent.  Relations between feminists leaders and government officials are a bit edgy as of late due to a gubernatorial candidate from the Morena party, accused of being a Cuomo.  I’m sure tear gas and beatings will improve the situation.

I can’t decide if my distaste for protectionism or the drug prohibition is going to rule the day on this one:

The government has tried introducing alternative crops, like timber and fruit orchards, in poppy-growing areas, but López Obrador clearly suggested the new study was in addition to those efforts.

He said farmers in remote mountain communities in Mexico had lost income because traffickers are switching to buying fentanyl from Asia, rather than paying people to grow poppies and harvest poppy gum needed to process heroin.

“We are in the stage of analysis and reflection about what will most benefit Mexico,” he said. “There are now unparalleled conditions to do what most benefits Mexico and our people, because the current government is completely free, it is not subordinated to any foreign government.”

Venezuelan refugees allowed to stay, for now.  It might explain why I got this on LinkedIn.

Sure you are just looking at my profile, professionally.

Apparently, you can buy plots of rainforest land on Facebook.

Brazilian Trump wants you to stop whining about COVID….he has a point.

That should do it.  Have some tunes!