If you complain about this, you don’t understand team sports.

Spuds got bounced from the Euro JV tournament. ManUre and Arsenal are still in. And we started the NCAA basketball tournament yesterday with some entertaining games.But I bet Michigan State losing to UCLA (by spectacularly choking) won’t be the main story of the late game. The media will see to that. I’m not sure who Andy Nesbitt is, but he sounds like he’s never played team sports while an adult. Anyway, even money says Izzo gets more questions about that than the game. And I bet every single player they ask about it says it’s no big deal. But journalists gonna journalism.

That’s a pair of nice…shells.

Big birthdays today were English separatist William Bradford, Scottish explorer David Livingstone, English explorer Richard Francis Burton, Wild West lawman Wyatt Earp, big talker William Jennings Bryan, Supreme Court Chief Justice Earl Warren, Nazi architect (and supposedly a distant relative) Albert Speer, holocaust organizer (and human filth) Adolf Eichmann, commie wife Jiang Qing, baseball HOFer Richie Ashburn, the lovely Ursula Andress, actress Glenn Close, convicted sex offender and Clinton pal Harvey Weinstein, Die Hard actor Bruce Willis, MLB great Ivan Calderon, hockey legend (who I saw hold the cup live once, bringing me to tears) Vladi Konstantinov, swimsuit model Vida Guerra, and my awesome father.

That’s a heavy list. Too many nazis for my taste (one is bad enough, but two?). Anyway, on to…the links!

Just take it off. It’s not heroin.

I remember when my children all gave up their blankies. This is the same energy right here.

Blinken blinked. Also, same energy as a toddler when they are faced with adversity.

So who is gonna be the next Vice-President? Lol, I’m just kidding. Hell, super cop Kamala is probably the one behind this insanity.

But cancel culture isn’t real! Look, I don’t really care about this because Teen Vogue is commie trash. But I do find the irony ironic.

I hope this isn’t the thing that takes Cuomo down. First off, because it’s hilarious. And second, you know, because his decisions led to tons of deaths and he needs to be held accountable for that.

Like. A. Dog.

This is confusing to me. Mainly because I assumed DC Comics characters were the gay ones.

Gee what will it look like? Maybe like schools across the country that have been open since August without incident? Nah, they’ll somehow make it less inviting or educational. This is Chicago Public Schools, after all.

You should be happy about this, San Francisco. All those businesses who have suffered might actually have half a chance now. Until you tax them to death, anyway.

Good, they should have. Unless they were the cops holding the doors open for people who were there to petition their government for a redress of grievances. Those guys do deserve a medal.

Gonna finish the week off with a bang. Man, what a great song. Enjoy it.

Now get out there and be productive (or sit and watch basketball all day), dear friends. And have a great weekend!