First of 76 and counting.


Today we mark the one year anniversary of the beginning of the torrent of “Executive Orders” from Governor Pritzker Baron Harkonnen. This saw massive restrictions on liberty – to include the infamous Executive Order #10…”With exceptions as outlined below, all individuals currently living within the State of Illinois are ordered to stay home or at their place of residence except as allowed in this Executive Order.” ORDERED.

I, foolishly, thought this rubbish would only last until the end of the month…you know, “give us two weeks to bend the curve”. Ha. I should have known better. In His last order, His Imperiousness extended his ukases through April 3rd. I am quite sure that will be extended shortly. Or rather, longly.

We have endlessly commented and highlighted the idiocy and power trips the various governments, Karens, media and grifters have been about – but what will the “end” look like? Thanks to DEG, we see what people are doing in NH to try and cut a few heads off the Hydra. But here in Illinois (“Land of Lincoln” is out…new state motto, “Will the Defendant please rise”) I see almost nothing. A few lone voices crying in the liberty wilderness, drown out by the buzzing of the obedient hivemind.

Much venom was spewed at Texas and Mississippi, of course, but I did see a few mentions that other states were starting to loosen things up…Alabama, West Virginia and Connecticut. Also Montana, North Dakota, South Carolina, and Wyoming. Some still cling to the talismasking, but are ending other useless restrictions on how many people can do what and where. Places like South Dakota and Florida had already been in a better position than the recent joiners. A semi-useful update/summary can be found here. (I say semi-useful because things like “Restrictions tighten in West Virginia” – right before describing how the governor loosened restrictions. Oy.)

I ask the Glibertariat…how long will the jackass states like Illinois and New York and California cling to squashing their citizenry, while their neighbors open back up? What reforms to the oft-abused powers will there be, if any, in your state? Will there be any looking back and realizing that most of what was done was ineffective, harmful and abusive?

Discuss, please!