Well you, held my hand,

And took me right back down to Hell,

I’ve got and Angel on my shoulder,

And a Devil in my head,

, Kaskade, 2010


Gwendy chose her, I knew she would find me a good Bot, and damn if she didn’t,

A sweet Redhead, 5’8” nice Boobs and a scrappy, determined voice, and very intelligent, She chose well, K we called her, but she never gave her name, it’s in the records, but why look, Brains, Beauty, she was accepted as one of the boys, she was that good. Programmed to be attracted to me, I melted, and fell in Love, like the idiot I am, Bots are that good now. Wendy knew it  would last as long as the journey, so she bought me one, as a going away present.

Her name was Kerry Gold, Science Officer, she did her job very well, and fucked me better,

We spent many a night discussing things political, then she would turn to me to ask ,Why?

“Let’s ask You? Why do you keep calling me Bob on Deck?” Well, it is your name, “NOT ON DECK” “you are still a crewman, try to follow orders on deck, ya little vixen” as she slid her breasts around my willing flesh…

 (Memory access 2552) I was taught by my Father, never have an affair with a Bot, it only leads to sadness and misery, and he was right, it’s bad enough to grieve for someone you have lost, knowing she Sent the Machine for my pleasure and companionship just makes it worse. I’m a sucker for the type of Woman that K is programmed for, so why not have some feelings for her/it? I know she’s not a real Woman, but a Damn fine imitation, and that’s good enough,

(close Memory access)

 She has become a distraction, as if her program has been altered, sending me random Body shots, and hints to leave the Bridge while on duty, and I will confess to breaking my own protocols to be with her, and a guarantee of no sleep that night, leaves me Beat down in the mornings, but I never let it show, until…

 Cap, Cap! Wake up! Or should I call you Bob? “Go Fuck yourself Sensors, I’m CAPTAIN Adama to you Boy, don’t forget it, now what’s up?” The Bitch said my Hidden name enough, the entire crew has power over me now, Fuck! Maybe I should stasis their asses and delete those memories for good, but no, they are a good crew, not worth erasing them.

“Kerry, come over here please” as she comes and sits in my lap, she just wiggles so perfect, it’s hard, to say no, “look, we need to get you to shut up, if you don’t I’ll lose control of the ship and all we are working for” Maybe YOU should shut up, BOB, who is this we you speak of? I didn’t volunteer, I don’t get paid, and I am programmed to obey your every wish, how’s that working out for you? She had a point, “what is it, Money? We will make you rich, freedom? After this trip, you are a freebot, I already signed the docs,” No Bob, I need You, with me all the time, Forever.

 Now this is getting creepy, I’ll live to be 250 or so but Bots? Who knows, with maintenance, 500, a thousand years? Does she even know what forever means? “Sugarpants, lets just have some fun and be friends for now, we’ll see how it goes” Never give up your feelings, you will get hurt. So now I have a dead Wife who gave me a Hot Bot, what to do, what to do…… Then she jumped my Bones, again,

To be Continued