The Black


(memory access 2552)The plans Gwen and I had, vacations on Earth, she was fond of the Beach in SoCal, but after the Wars, they had to create a resort with artificial beaches and waves, but she didn’t care. I prefer Big trees, and we still have them, some things can’t be killed.

(close memory access)

Out of nowhere, we lost Gee, we were still moving under our own power, but lost the velocity the Black gave us, that has become the common name for the thing we chase, good enough…

“Helm, can we please avoid the neighborhood? This isn’t how we cure unemployment”

Sure Cap, should we land? Coords are set for T City now, we can ther in..”STFU Helm, I know about your Girl, we’ll get there On. My. Time, Zip it!”  Sir! 


Tycho City

 We know Yusef, we’ve been watching it, and you, for a long while

“What the Fuck does that mean? Why are you watching me?”

You know the Consortium watches noobs and well…. He let that sink in for a moment,

“Well what about the Black?” The Black?, oh you mean the object, we decided on that name because of..”Yeah I know, 20000 klicks in space, I remember, not the point, what is it?”

We honestly don’t know, we hoped since you followed it for the last 2 months we could get some insight, “I’m a private Citizen jack, I have rights You don’t even have, one call and You’re Fucked, I’ll contact you tomorrow” Gol, now I can get a Beer. 

 (memory access 2552)

Growing up in Tycho, let’s see, Earthers, ‘Tians, Belters, we see it all,the stubs and the longs, before long we will become different species, if we haven’t already, but we didn’t care, boys on a Station with nothing to do, we broke systems to see what would happen, opened airlocks just because, and otherwise behaved as boys do…(close memory access)

 That thing is out there, we have made some contact before, sentient races, some more advanced than others, but none that took to the stars like we did, until now, maybe it serves us right, we left those races in the dark and took the planetary resources, Locusts we are,and now here it is, Nemesis. I have decided to break the Governor’s Decree and go exploring, my crew is in the mood for fun, and I aim to misbehave, let’s go see what’s in that Black,

To be continued,