I’m in a severely cynical mood. Even for me. After reading these links, you might join me over here on the cynics’ bench, where we have cocktails to help offset the stress of life in these times which constantly try one’s patience.


  • I suSPect that Fauci is a raging asshole even in private life.
    (Perhaps especially in private life.)
  • I have my suSPicions that this is all going according to plan.
  • I suSPect that nobody I like really gives a fuck what this guy thinks.
  • Perhaps you will join me in being suSPicious of the claims in this article. H/T Playa Manhattan
  • I don’t think I’m being overly cynical to suSPect that there will now be even more COVID deaths, thus propping up the falling numbers. (Also, how is this even remotely close to the purported mission of this agency? Nothing left to cut.)
  • H/T Brett L for being suSPicious of this one.



And a little music.


Have a great rest of your day, kids! Try not to strain your eyes from too much rolling.