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Not really any sports again for today, although ManUre had a listless draw and Liverpool play Chelsea today in a fairly important match. And Everton play as well, for those few who care about them.

Italian composer Vivaldi was born on this day. The baroque master shares it with Amway co-founder Dick DeVos, auto racing legend Jim Clark, actress Paula Prentiss, pitcher Jack Fisher, Yes’s Chris Squire, soccer legend Kenny Dalglish, boxer Ray “Boom Boom” Mancini, Metallica’s Jason Newstead, and that’s pretty much it. Slim pickings today. Oh well, on to…the links!

That’s some hardcore shit.

This is why clown cars are a bad idea. But how the hell do you even get 25 people into an Expedition in the first place? Man, that’s a sad story.

So this guy actually gets it? How refreshing. Of course they paint it as some kind of failure for somebody to enter public life for a brief period of time and then go back to their private life when finished. These CNN types sure would have hated many of our founders.

So much for petitioning the government for a redress of grievances.

Yeah, right. This is all to score political points and chill a certain part of the population’s right to protest. Or maybe I’m wrong. Maybe there will be violence. I’m sure they’d attack a fortified position with soldiers patrolling it. For the lulz.  Sure thing.

What happens when an irresistible grift meets an immovable con? This showdown will be interesting.

This fucker has no idea where he is.

Move along, people. There’s nothing to see here. Move along.

This piece of shit keeps getting worse and worse. Oh well, I guess the people who paid all the taxes should expect to get fucked. It’s the American way, really.

These teachers do not care about students. Yeah, I’m as shocked as you are to find that out.

Get a load of these idiots who want to be ruled. Well, the door’s that way, dipshits. Oh, and you’re still free to wear a mask as you’re going through it.

I don’t think I’ve ever played this. Man, that one dude and chick sure look a lot alike. The 80’s had some weird people making great music. Enjoy.

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