Dortmund and Porto moved to the last 8 of the UCL, the latter at Juve’s expense. Liverpool-Leipzig and PSG-Barca wrap it up today. Only one of them might be competitive. Some basketball player is in trouble for being an anti-Semite. Looks like Les Miles was a naughty boy while at LSU. And that’s pretty much it for sports.


Birthday celebrants today include: Ferdinand II of Aragon, nurse and activist Lillian Wald, actor Sam Jaffe, racist asshole James Earl Ray, actor/martial artist Chuck Norris, Canada’s first female PM Kim Campbell, religious scholar psychopath Osama bin Ladin, actress Sharon Stone, result of generations of inbreeding Prince Edward, pitcher Michael Timlin, actor Jon Hamm, another pitcher Shad Williams, and singer Carrie Underwood.

Not much in that list. Oh well, on to…the links!

“Fucking Up Since 1946”

More scare mongering from the idiots who have been wrong every step of the way. So of course their opinion will be treated as the gospel truth by people who want to be ruled.

Can they please give a reasonable explanation why this is unfair to certain groups? Seems to me the law will apply to everybody. Are they saying old people and Indians aren’t as capable of figuring things out? Because if so, then that’s racist and ageist.

I assume this is a surprise to exactly nobody. And no, it’s not something terrible (which I probably post too much of). I’m curious when the research on big asses is coming to complement this important work.

Get a load of this cuck. No seriously. What a loser.

“Shit, I forgot my name again.”

Move along. Move along. There’s nothing to see say here.. This is getting fucking ridiculous.

Can’t these people get a fucking hobby other than griefing? They need to go spend some time in a third-world shithole for some perspective. They also need to understand what private property rights are. “Environmental racism”. What a fucking joke.

Since Califirnia’s government has solved all the major issues and created a utopia, they can divert their energy to stupid shit. Here’s an idea: mind your own damn business. And since we know they won’t, expect an ordinance banning these in the near future.

We can’t let people have fun! Whatever we do, we just can’t have that.  LOL, GTFOH.

This, my friends, is a freaking great song. If you don’t enjoy it, I don’t know what to tell you aside from “reevaluate your life”.

Now go have a fantastic day!