So the planets have retreated once again, waiting until we’re lulled into complacency to spring their next ambush (I’m guessing there’ll be something big in July, but haven’t confirmed that. )

Instead what we have is Aries hoovering up all the good stuff — Mercury, Venus, the Sun and the Moon.  So if this is you, you don’t need any advice.  For everyone else, we should emulate the characteristics of The Goat — tenacity, directness, initiating action, courage, climbing on stuff, eating everything, screaming, headbutting, communal voiding.    I’m not sure about that last one. I’m not a goatherd, but I do have nieces in 4H and I dated a redneck girl for a few weeks who’s goats climbed on top of my Z3.  Aries in general is the sign of beginnings, so this is an excellent week to begin something new.


Aries:  Ace of Cups reversed – House of the false heart, mutation, instability, revolution.

Taurus:  Eight of Wands – Activity, swiftness, great haste, great hope, that which is on the move; also the arrows of love.

Gemini:  Three of Swords – Removal, absence, delay, division, rupture, dispersion

Cancer:  King of Wands –  Dark man, friendly, countryman, honest and conscientious, grandfather

Leo:  3 of Wands – Established strength, enterprise, effort, trade, commerce, discovery, co-operation in business,

Virgo:  9 of Swords reversed – Imprisonment, suspicion, doubt, reasonable fear, shame.

Libra:  8 of Cups – Mildness, timidity, honor, modesty, the decline of a matter, or that a matter which has been thought to be important is really of slight consequence, abandoning the past

Scorpio:  The Lovers reversed – Failure, foolish designs, marriage frustrated

Sagittarius: 9 of Cups reversed – Truth, loyalty, liberty, mistakes, imperfections

Capricorn:  3 of Cups – The conclusion of any matter in plenty, perfection and merriment; happy issue, victory, fulfilment, solace, healing, bitching about how you always get terrible predictions

Aquarius:  Ace of Coins – Perfect contentment, felicity, ecstasy; also speedy intelligence; gold.

Pisces:  Six of Swords  – Journey by water, route, way, envoy, commissionary, expedient.