So, back from the trip, and finally caught up on the Glibstuff I missed.  A question for OMWC or anyone else that’s into anti-Semitic propaganda:  WTF is up with the rack on the backstabber you posted?  Is that supposed to be a really ugly woman, or is it one of Moob’s ancestors?

This is the first time that I’ve raised

  1. A puppy
  2. By myself
  3. In a place I actually care about maintaining.

It’s those last two that make this process unsustainable, particularly since I don’t (yet) have a fenced yard I can hold her while trying to clean something inside.  Still, the 23 hours a day I spent with her on the three days getting home not only sprained my hypothalamus, but convinced me that she’s the prettiest, smartest, fiercest, fluffiest most bestest animal EVAH!  Seriously though, and maybe it is the oxytocin speaking, but she does seem to have a lot of potential to be an excellent companion animal.  I’ve just got to get her housebroken and through her chewing stage and I think she’ll be great.

You THINK? How could you doubt me?

The skies are kind of… meh.  Some vaguely positive signs with lots of generic “love makes you happy!” “Fights are bad!”  kind of stuff.

The Sun, Mercury and Venus are all in Aries which is good for goats, Mars is in Gemini, which is bad for twins.  Water will play an outsized role this week as both Jupiter and Saturn are in Aquarius and also Capricorn has the Moon.

Some really heavy hitters in the cards this week

Aries:  Knight of Coins – Utility, serviceableness, interest, responsibility, rectitude

Taurus:  The Hermit – Prudence, circumspection, treason, dissimulation, roguery, corruption.

Gemini:  3 of Coins reversed – Mediocrity, puerility, pettiness, weakness.

Cancer:  9 of Wands reversed – Obstacles, adversity, calamity.

Leo:  The World – Assured success, recompense, voyage, route, emigration, flight, change of place.

Virgo:  Ace of Wands reversed – Fall, decadence, ruin, perdition, clouded joy, impotence.

Libra:  The Sun – Material happiness, fortunate marriage, contentment.

Scorpio:  Death – End, mortality, destruction, corruption

Sagittarius: The Tower reversed – Misery, distress, indigence, adversity, calamity, disgrace, deception, ruin, unforeseen catastrophe, oppression, imprisonment, tyranny.

Capricorn:  Queen of Swords – Widowhood, female sadness and embarrassment, absence, sterility, mourning, privation, separation

Aquarius:  Five of Coins – Material trouble, love and lovers, ejection by society

Pisces:  3 of Cups – The conclusion of any matter in plenty, perfection and merriment; happy issue, victory, sorority party, fulfilment, solace, healing

Heh. He’ll never see me hiding behind this tree.