Cap, we have a Sensor lock, 20 minutes, (memory access 2552) we have chased this thing for 2 months now, following a Heliocentric orbit, aimed at Mars again, why? We have been Fukin with it, close fast passes to see when they would bounce us, we got used to that. I guess they did too, after a slow flyby, we were ready, our drop ship had fast attack capabilities, so we could beam out in an instant.(close memory access)

 “ Helm, you have the Ship” Aye Cap, and off we went, Sensors showed what appeared to be a porthole, so we made for that, and once the Grav dock kicked in, we were ready, for what? Who the Fuk knows.With weapons drawn, I touched the door and, Voila! It opened without a sound,

(there is no sound in space) and I stepped in, why not? The Black could kill us anytime it wanted to, and despite what it did to my home, this needed a finish, so I proceeded. “Sensors! What do you have?” It looks like a big pile of nothing Sir, all Carbon, no electrical power, just nothing but Carbon Sir, well then, “Boys ,search mode, vid, and teams of 2, find out what we have, we may have struck Gold”

 (memory access 2552) what to say, she’s been gone a year now, I have been in touch with a good friend who keeps me company, so I have that, but this is become an obsession, I must know what it is, why is it here, what the Hell does it want? (close memory access)

Cap, Got something you should see! “”On my way” answers are what we need right now,

“Show me” well Sir, there is something alive in there, but we can’t open the case it’s in, and it seems to be the Brain of the Black, pardon my expression Sir, “well said Sensors, good work, extra ration of Grog for you Sir!” Thankee Cap!

 How to get in without killing the contents? Carbon can be shattered to bits with even our smallest weapons, but pinpoint cuts? I spoke with the Master Chef, “ Chef, Good Man! How are you this fine day! “ being a large Negroid, 7’ 11” you showed respect, or they would kill you, that’s how that planet did things, so we respected that, “ I need a carbon cutter that adjusts for depth and stops before it kills what’s inside, wadda ya think?” “ and by the way, the Souffle was great” 12 hours Boss man, done for you, and I knew we were finally on to something….

To be continued