The Void


(memory access2552) As a child I read sci fi, all the classics, Niven and Pournelle, Heinlein, and wanted to take my place among the stars, but me as a ne’er do well in a rich family, Pops was already pissed I didn’t at least  join the Military, A hereditary Rank looks good on the Family Seal, but that wasn’t to be. After I met Gwendy and started school in earnest, he became more receptive to my ideas (close memory access) . A strange sensation comes over me, like a mind probe, as if I’m being picked apart…..

 “Weapons, stop cutting, this thing isn’t happy” Sir? “ just stop, since when did my orders become optional?” Aye Cap.

 Telepathy of some sort, it had to be, it showed me how to unlock it’s Chrysalis, Their term, in our language, I think, then it showed me the Bridge, I was stunned, it was built for Humanoids!

It didn’t understand WTF? At first, but as I learned how to communicate with it ,it  understood and appeared to laugh, if you could call a High pitched squeal laughter. It told me we were taking a voyage, that we would learn, and share our knowledge with our worlds, and that this was the only way, and gave me a choice…

 Cap! You’re Alive!  Bless me the Guds! “ Get me Tycho, tightbeam, as soon as we clear”

But Cap, you’ve been dead for 2 days,  now it was my time to ask WTF? I spoke with it for 10 minutes, no more, Dead? I feel quite fine, but no time for this nonsense, 

 “Tycho, this is Yusef Adama, Captain of the UMC Gwen, declaring Right of Salvage for the Black, we have hard dock and full control, there is a life form aboard, and they want to take us for a ride, I’m taking them up on the offer, and suggest you don’t try to stop me”

 Adama, what’s going on out there? No comm for 2 months, now this? You know Your Father wants us to revoke your charter right? “Dick, we have been friends for a long time, this may change our entire worlds, just tell Dad I’ll make him proud, and rich beyond his wildest dreams, Yusef out”

 (memory access 2552) It has no name, nor a concept, I ask it questions and get muddied, vague answers, then it happened,(close memory access)

“Well I’ll be Damned, Boys, I think we’re FTL, or close, look at the stars” ahead, the Universe was shifted, Red to Blue, and were in a tunnel, twisting through the Void,

To be continued