20 hours Ship time, compressed into minutes, we  had a concept of what FTL looked like, but this was beyond all conception, not just visual, but a complete sensory experience, like we had never felt, and then it was gone, and, behold…


 The System had a large asteroid belt, Tidally trapped by two Gas Giants, good pickings for our Gas scoops, and the rocks! Platinum and Gold! Iron, Bauxite! Were we rich? Why in the hell is this thing showing all this, then, ahead we saw it, the Swarm… 

 “Sensors, you’re getting all this?” Yes Sir, I tried beaming it back on tightbeam as we speak, but where? “ Nav, work with Sensors and figure out where we are, Priority one” Sir!, I Love It when they reply in unison, my boys,


 I was looking at what the System wanted but never could afford, now I see why, this wasn’t a Dyson sphere at all, just a few hundred thousand what I call lily pads, mini spheres, rotating like normal, but too small for gravity, what were they for? ALL WILL BE REVEALED, ouch, that was loud, point made, so we chilled and scanned. Then we slowed to the entrance to the inner circle, NOW IS TIME, “OK, quit yelling, fuck!” better? “Yes” what is Fuck? “ oh, just something we say when frustrated” Frustrated? What is this thing?, I ask, why does it know my lingo already? Did it alway know, and is fucking with me? I haz Confuse, to use an old term. There were waystations, at every point, directing energy to the LP’s, it was a truly perfect Dyson system,It showed me the Grav effect the star had on the planetoids, and how they spun up the gravs to match Earths, this was all too perfect, it showed us all these worlds, room for trillions or our race,

Why show me? Why show us? This isn’t a normal Romulan Warp, but something very Hi tech….

Can we get back? We can’t even tell where we are, yet, there is something very wrong here,

To be Continued