I have seen so much, so far, but the Question remains, what happened to Mars? And my Beautiful Wife? So I asked, and It looked askance, I was used to that. They had something to hide, and I needed to find out, “Why did you kill my home world? you know this means War, “

It laughed and replied YOU WILL KNOW, “easy there big Guy” Then I knew, ain’t Telepathy great?

 Let me try this in my best IT voice, paraphrasing, if you could call it  that.

 We did not destroy Mars, in fact we have intervened on behalf of your System, and are willing to offer you a great Gift, if you would only take it, “ I don’t care about gifts, who killed Mars? I want their asses” 

 NOW! Is the time for Us to make our offer, you choose, Life, or Death,

Your Species is in great Peril Yusef, choose wisely. 

 Can’t I just shove off and go make my claim? Hang with the KerryBot and live a free life? Not today I suppose, “ So, what’s the offer? I need something to bring back home beside this Black Ship” 

 We offer you a new life in the Dyson swarm we have created for you, FTL travel, and resources beyond your wildest dreams, irf you choose, you may control the Galaxies, this is what we offer,

“ OK fine, to what end? Who killed my home, and Why are you here, I need an answer, or it’s War, we may lose, but we fight,” If I get back, of course. 

 YOU WILL KNOW NOW, I hate when IT does that…

  It was the Vogons, “what? “

  they are just clearing space for the IH System, Mars was just a bridge pillar, they have a Contract, and Earth is the prize, “Why?”

 Water of course, your System is full of it, those Gas giants don’t fill themselves Boy!

There was a Time traveler, Adams was his name, and he was there, and saw the future, 42, he said,This thing was getting real familiar, I digress, “Back to the Deal please”

You did bring a Towel? “Of course”

Let’s proceed,

 I guess the Vogons were a nasty bunch, I hear their Home world sucks so much, they evolved into a very harsh Race, Like Gangsters of the Olden Times, wrecking everything they could, now it was our Systems time, so much for answers…

To be continued