Today is a new day for me.  Something terrible happened to me last week that I am still recovering.

My guys can train you….for a price.

Relax, nobody died.  My gym closed down permanently.  Was it the local terrorist warlords that shut them down this time? No, just business.  I thought I noticed a distinct lack of Rezzos this year.  My attempt to find another boxing/MMA gym that was neither located in the shittiest parts of town, open whenever the owner feels like it, or affiliated with Henry Cejudo proved fruitless.  So I start anew at a posh chain gym that bought out the local Safeway three years ago, its a half mile walk from my house. Will it be the same?  Of course not.  Until I find something better, I will make the best of the circumstances and take this as a positive.

Now that’s out of the way, lets see some links.

I would ask if their private sector employers could take care of that but it turns out it works like that here.

171,000.  Does that sound like a lot?  It sounds like a lot.

You’ll like this.

More doom.

The Russian vaccine sounds…nice.

Then again, not nearly as nice as the one out of China.  You’d think Chileans would know better than work with communists.

Here’s an appropriate tune for an appropriate meme…


edit:  the link is fixed…Ted