Happy SMother’s Day to all you birthing people. Thanks for using your manginas to bring a new person into the world.  I won’t be with you today.  I’m taking my parents out to lunch to celebrate Birthing People’s Day.  Since it’s all the rage to smash the patriarchy, maybe I’ll ask my 81 year old mother what she is doing to be anti-racist.  I hear sensitivity training makes a great gift.

This has been another crazy week at work.  I have had to put in some long hours and my sleep has suffered for it.  When I get home late, I eat late.  When I eat late, I can’t go right to sleep.  So, I hangout with the dwindling number of Late Night Glibs.  You people are way too interesting.  I stay up too late and the cycle repeats.

I was going to post one of those guides on how to get good sleep.  But I think we all know the drill.  Keep a regular sleep schedule, no caffeine late in the day, don’t read on your device for an hour or so before sleep, and so on.  I wonder if one of these scientists can tell me how to get home earlier so I can do all these things.


Restaurant rules in Gavin Newsom’s California are confusing the life out of me.  I go out for lunch a few times this week.  One restaurant allows diners to refill their drinks at the fountain but hasn’t served iced tea, brewed separately from the fountain drinks, since this nonsense began.  Another is serving their full complement of beverages but only staff can fill a drink.  If you want a refill, then throw our cup away and they’ll give you another one.  A third one is totally selfserve, everything is available, and they have widely ignored signs to get a new cup for refills.  WTF is going on?  Aren’t we long past believing covid spreads on surfaces?

Weekly cuteness

This was going to this week’s music but one of you had the bad taste this week to say you didn’t like Ozzy’s solo material. This week’s music choice.