“I don’t stop when I’m tired.  I stop when I’m done.”

David Goggins

I can only encourage everyone how important exercise is, it’s a lifelong contract. Maybe not a panacea for everyone but the best time to exercise is before you need it.

Fourscore (with a hat tip to Tundra for the suggestion)

It looks like we have two slogans. It’s amazing what you folks discuss while I’m gone.  Well, daddy’s home to supervise you this week.

I have noticed several threads over the past several weeks with people frustrated they hadn’t hit their goals or were struggling to make some progress. Some folks seem to feel they aren’t doing enough and never will.

I’m here to introduce to the slight edge.  I mean The Slight Edge.  I was introduced to this book years ago in a mastermind group.  I can’t recommend it highly enough.

The basis premise is we all must start somewhere, and it doesn’t matter where you start.  Keep doing what you are doing and do just a little bit more each time.  Tiny, imperceptible improvements build on each other.  You won’t notice you are making any progress until one day it becomes obvious… even to you.

The author has plenty of examples, maybe too many examples, from different facets of life.  The philosophy applies to anything you do.  But this isn’t philosophy class, so I’ll stick to fitness.  Think about the method for a moment.  Doing one more rep, running an extra 50 feet, or jumping rope for 10 additional seconds isn’t much.  Doing it 5 days in a row isn’t going to give you any meaningful improvement.  But in 5 weeks, you added 2 additional sets, you ran an extra quarter mile, or added over 4 minutes of jumping.  That’s for every workout!  Your results compound over time.

Now see it 10 weeks out.  And 25 weeks out. And so on.  You are one impressive son of a bitch.

If we’re being honest, success breeds success.  You can stick to incremental improvements but in all likelihood, you are going to have some leaps forward (but not a Great Leap Forward IFYKWIMAITYD).  In a surprisingly short time, you will look back in amazement noticing where you started and how far you’ve come.


The jig is up in California. Our mask mandate ends, for the most part, on June 15th.  Newsom must be feeling the heat.  Good riddance.  I wonder if there will be mask burning parties.

Weekly cuteness

This week’s music is dedicated to Q.  Last week he was kind enough to not only post GlibFit worthy photos during GlibFit, but he was also kind enough to post GlibFit worthy NSFW photos during Glibs After Dark.