Hey, this the Galactic Joe experience, i want to tell you about this new vitamin I take….

Ten minutes later,

High everyone, we have a special feed from Yusef Adams, Yusef, hows it going?

“First off it’s Adama, not Adams, I gave that up long ago on Caprica”

Oh right, sorry Dude, do you Partake?

“Duh, our Ship runs on THC” “nice, did you grow this?”

Yes, well my team did, I just do interviews

“Minions, heh I have a Kerrybot you know”

You gave it a name? That’s just weird Yusef

“I was gone a long time ,Fuck off Joe”

So she’s good?

“Yes, can we go on please?”

So what’s with the Black Ship? Is it like New tech?

“Yep, FTL, with no restrictions we can roll 25c in a heartbeat, and slow just as fast,

Awesome man, can you like, tell us how it works?

“All we know is they knew our physiology and built a ship that fit us, that said, I sleep on the Gwen”

So , like the Black ship is like, unknown? And you just drive it around? Whoa…

“It’s a bit more complex Joe, we are looking for who is guilty, and who must Pay, Mars will be avenged..”

Oh yeah, Mars, I forgot, sorry about your Planet,

“ Oh fuck off Joe, you want this interview or not?”

Sorry Yu, continue, please,

“ we are stuck between the Vogons and the IT, and we shouldn’t trust either, I think they are teaming up, and I have a plan to counter it all,”

You mean like with MMA moves? Or maybe some UFC shit?

“No Joe, I’m going to tell you about the Weapon, I hope you are ready…”

Sure Dude, do you Partake?

Oh fuck, Yes Joe I smoke”

 “2 races have the Weapon as far as we know, us and Elon, we are certain others have it, the tech is easier than anyone thought, drive a mini black hole to the center of a star and stand back! The entire system goes up, and just vanishes, we kept the secret as long as we could, but now we fear Elon is selling it to other races, this is not good but Elon does what he wants”

Trippy Man, is this like a problem? Or should we just do comedy shows?

“Joe, if we don’t act, there will be no comedy clubs for you to play in, it’s not funny at all”

That’s heavy man, I use these Vitamin Supplements every day and….

Ten Minutes later

Wow, guys, we are joined by the Elon, how’s it going Elon?

“Sup Elon”

Hello Yusef I Have Been Watching Your adventures, learning Anything new?

“Just that you have a hand in all this, and I don’t know where your Alliances stand”

Yusef, may I call you Joe? I have nothing but the best intentions for Humanity, and I shall protect it, I have over 200 systems under my Control, including all of yours, didn’t see that one, did you?

These are My Worlds now, and will be protected,

“To what end Elon? Just more consumerism? Is that all it is anymore? What happened to the stars?”

Oh, I have plenty for now, now we have a bigger issue, and I can fix it, with one condition…

“ I don’t want to know”

Yusef, you don’t want to know,

“Thanks Elon, hey Joe, I’m out, maybe from the Galaxy, I wish Humanity Good Luck”

That’s Yusef checking out for now, Elon, do you partake?…..