After the Vogons wiped the entire Sol system clean, Humans were scattered amongst the worlds, like rats on a ship, the Elon had taken over most of human space, overwhelming the humans there with his mind fuckery, rendering Trillions incapable of being little more than drones, drugged and domesticated, not much more than cows. Gliese was unaffected by Elon, so I grabbed 5 ships with the Black, 5500 souls in all, and we GTFO. I know other ships tried, we watched them burn up as Elon Tightbeamed them, we were FTL, so he couldn’t get us, maybe.

At 15c, we figured we would make Gliese in 2 weeks when Bang! We dropped from light speed and the Black was dead, just a junk pile of carbon, not worth shit, so we ditched it. It may seem very callous to toss such an artifact, but at relativistic speeds, mass counts, and at coast, now it would be 6 months til we arrived, kids on rocket decks would get there faster, sheesh.

 Gliese 2235.2 After 6 months of hell, we made it to my personal world, and relative safety, things were humming along, my money was safe, and we could all relax for a while. The boys were paid handsomely, but all of them are ready to go at the drop of a hat, they are rich men due to me! I’m the Jack Aubrey of my Age! Lucky Jack they called him.

 Kerry chose to stay with me at my Estate, I set her up with a nice lab, and she got a WFH gig with a defense contractor, so we are both happy. I still play Temporal disc golf, and wish I was living back in the 25c. But here I am.  Gwendolyn is long gone, like my home, but I have moved on, Kerry is a comfort, but can’t really fill my life, and as a FreeBot, she has her own life, and that’s fine with us both. So I search ever forward, with the Gwen fueled and ready to Go!

Then Elon Called, Shit!

Yusef, I am Watching

“I know”

Don’t fuck this up Yusef

“I won’t, so we are it, the grand experiment eh?”

Yes, go, live in peace, I have all the time in the Universe

The End, for now

Dramatis Personae,

Sensors: Chaim Stuartson, the Old man, Damn good! drinks like a fish, remember those?

Navigation: Trish Munster, we call him Trashy,

Flight Ops: Dale the 14th, we, call him Ozy, also weapons specialist, a Fighter indeed,

Engineering : Ha Ye Khan, we call her Hayek, some guy from the past, keeps us all alive,

HR and Fun: Antonio Vivaldi, ask his parents, he makes us laugh, and takes care of bookkeeping, indispensable, we call him Tonio

Threat assessment: D’arcy Law Yer, a Belter who does Law, his family trade I heard, Dean to us, 

Curmudgeonly Earth people: A group Settled Gliese 2235.6 and called it Glibertopia, they make a lot of money, and still offer Gamboling on their World, pretty cool 

Kerrybot: Somebody that I used to know

Chef: Isaac Hayes Robotic Upload, circa 20c.

And Yusef Adama, your Tour guide

Til next time,