The 21st c is known as the age of the Titans, the great free marketeers that took us to the Moon,Mars, the Belt, and then the stars themselves, the Greatest of these was a Man named Elon Musk, he alone was able to overcome the entrenched bureaucracy that was Earth at the time, and eventually split Mars off from the Earth system. By mid century it was obvious he had the Weapon, and would use it, A small system nearby had come under his gaze, and since they didn’t want to trade, He made an example to others most notably Earth, for he tightbeamed the event for Human consumption, another system wiped from the Galaxy, just to make a point.

 Elon had a plan, from an early age, He was thinking about Neural networks, and Human/ Machine integration, his earliest attempts at human Starlink uploads were an abomination, the tortured, screaming souls, being de-orbited for their own good, were enough.

  Elon took his community, numbering 2 trillions of people, and they developed the Elon, a nice M sized star with many planets and resources, and then it was time for plan 2. A segment of his population were the Volunteers, clones, engineered with certain skill sets, personalities, anything really, KerryBot is one, (shakes off memories) Anyway, after a lot of R and D, Elon was uploading these persons into everything thing from a video screen to a starship, and it was finally foolproof, now it was time.

 Using a full copy of his mind, Elon uploaded himself into the very Star itself! And it worked.He was still Corporeal, yet was the Star simultaneously, and We still don’t know how he did it, he already had his local Dyson Swarm, still under construction, under his control, this was the next step. What it must feel like? To be an entire system, feel the rhythm of the lifeforms on your worlds, almost a God, almost….

 The local systems were not happy to say the least, after all, what would prevent him from taking over our stars? Who know the havoc he could wreak on the entire local group?  The obvious issue is the trade we do with his system, we are a highly connected group of stars, thanks to his tech, and kinda like it. So for now we deal with the Devil, he takes systems here and there, but tends to respect our independence from the thing that he has become, for now,

To be Continued