“Minister General, with all due respect, they are going to wipe the entire system, at least let me take some settlers in a Gen Ship, I can have them there in 3 days at FTL, I can link ships to my drive” Yusef, how do we Know the Vogons aren’t just traders? Why trust these others? Maybe ulterior motives? Think hard Yusef,

  Yeah yeah, i knew all of this, I never got my answer, Never will I guess, stiil, “Minister General, you need to evacuate the entire system now, as many as possible, the Vogons will not stop, they will take our system, we need to go, Now,” That will takes Years! “Well start now, like today, you have ships, quit looking for good traits and just ship people Now!”

 Thank you for your Service Yusef, you are no longer required,

And that was it, i was free to go home with the Boys and Kerrybot, and the Black ship, wait? they let me keep new Tech? Why? At this point I needed an audience with Galactic Rogan, if not the Elon himself, there was more than I knew, and I wanted answers,

To be continued