Tales from the Belt

Chinee will buy from anyone

Dis Cat has always escaped us, but not this time, we got good intel from CCP, so we’s tracked ‘im slow and far back, so as not to leave a bloody wake. It took 6 months! Why so slow?, let’s on wi it. 

Da Peoples call us outlaws and pirates, but we don hurt no ones, just take stuff, come from a long line, we were drifted by the Amazon some centuries ago, and have drifted every since. There’s no mercy or pity for we pirates, we are called the rats of the Belt, vermin ta be slaughtered, so we try not to get caught, inna pretty ta come under da gaze of de MS ya know.

We have na world to call are own so we carve out the various rocks that we find, air them up, and make nice birthing places for our Women. We take a spell for the wee ones to get their spacelegs, then we are off! Searching for a bounty, and all the riches of Araby.

We raided some 1.2m ships over the centuries, mostly Amazon exiles and fresh Indies, but then they founded the Guild, and twas gameon! Now we was outgunned and outnumbered, we needed a friend. So we looked aboot and decided to work with CCP, da big bois! Intel, firepower and money, dey give it to us, den dey buy all our booty at market price, a win for us, so we thought…

 Now it’s time to accelerate, swing out and past da Cat, come in hot and bag his catch before he sees us. We ha a Tirty six ‘our window to grab an bolt, we can run high G pretty good, as long as the bag holds, otherwise we splatter a couple o billion tons all over the belt, then the CCP will have questions…

 Spotted? Say not, now we need to run at high g and lose da scent or this is a wasted year, canna ha that, so we run, make a high speed parabol, grab what we can, 12 ‘ours tops, we is hopin’