Andy Rooney has a sweet ass desk.

Regardless of what I said last time about the over/under rated artist thing, none of you are listening to enough Tony Joe White.

I’m not claiming that I invented this but I don’t remember seeing it anywhere else – schmearing some mustard (I recommend The Original Mister Mustard Hot) on your tortilla before adding cheese greatly improves your average quesadilla.

At this point my feelings about people wearing masks is on par with my feelings about grown men wearing baseball caps, You look stupid but it’s your choice and just maybe you have a good reason for it (but I doubt that.)

I don’t know who needs to hear this, but it shouldn’t take over a minute or two to press/toss/roll out a pizza dough.

It has recently been brought to my attention that “some” of my comments on the site make me seem like an asshole. I want to assure you that I’m going to work on that. It should be “all” of them.

Much whinging is done about drivers who “hang out” in the left lane, but the real problem drivers are those who don’t know how to turn left. Starting the turn too soon, cutting the corner too sharply, crossing over the oncoming lane of the road they are turning onto, and then eyeballing the driver they nearly run into because that driver had the nerve to actually pull up and stop where they are supposed to.

Don't be the asshole in the red car

Don’t be the asshole in the red car.

Speaking of Left turns, what would you do if you were driving the blue car in the following diagram. Allow the red car to enter the drive thru ahead of you or not?

Would it matter if there were fewer cars in the beer dock line?

Would it matter if there were fewer cars in the beer dock line?

When did bars get rid of foosball, pinball, Galaga, and darts? I miss playing games while drinking. Now everyone just sits at the bar and stares at the televisions and/or phones.

Starting a social media post with “I don’t know who needs to hear this…” Is so last month.

When I have to do something I don’t want to (physical therapy exercises, tedious paperwork, calling my mother, etc…) I put on Radio Margaritaville and don’t let myself turn it off until I’m done.

My initial reaction to almost everything that passes for “News” these days is – “For Fuck Sake who gives a flying rat’s ass”. So don’t worry about offending me if you have that exact same reaction to this post.

Oh, oh! I almost forgot. I’m going to need you guys to stop using the words “hyperbole” and “hyperbolic” in the comments. It’s bad enough I have to scroll past all of The Imposter’s post when using Find to see if anyone is talking about me. Sooo… if you could go ahead and start using words like “exaggeration” or “embellishment” instead that would be terrific, OK?