They COULD be here. But at each point in space time, there they are, in some way or another. And with 109 degrees showing on the thermometer, I can only dream of the Green’s function that will propagate us to a different bit of space time.

Birthdays today include a spy who was certainly not a cat; a champion cyclist; a famous Jew-hater; the creator of a SoCal amusement park; a pianist whose work I love; a bass player whose work I love; a singer/songwriter of very modest talent who made a career out of being a lesbian; an actor who made a career out of being a flamboyant gay; a bizarre and usually unfunny chick who was in my favorite Jerry Lewis film; and a guy who was in the worst film about wine ever made.

Oh yes, potentially there’s Links.


Jews and their March of Hatred.


Social signals for everyone! Yayyyy!!!!


Democracy. You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.


Please! Please! Please! Please!


Because fuck the constitution, amirite?


Old Guy Music features a rather interesting lineup. Makes you wonder what Rod Stewart could have done had he stayed in the blues genre…