Tales of the Belt


The first Rule of ‘roid mining is Never shit where you eat, I’m getting ahead of myself. sorry. We all started as share miners for, you guessed it, Amazon. The deal was quite good at first, we made some big finds and were able to buy many of our ships from the A and go independent, but when they saw us becoming competitive, that’s when the shit hit the exhaust.


  When the A began seizing our ships and customers’ cargo, we got pissed right off, but when they began blockading us, that’s when we began the Alliance, Amazon Delenda est! Like many in the Alliance, we knew we had to run to the belt to keep clear, that’s when we found out the harsh truth. You see, when we had to move, we Miners jumped ahead and cleared some interior space in some of the larger ‘Roids for our newfound friends, aired them up and waited.


  Upon arrival the people needed raw materials for, well  pretty much everything, and with a large ‘roid at hand why not mine it? With a Free market economy and some skilled labor we were off and running, small city ‘roids and quite a few smaller towns, then it happened…


 Rocky asteroids are largely intact remnants of ancient proto planets being crushed by constant contact, and now reside at an L point between Jupiter and Mars, that’s why we call it the Belt.


 We can carve out the interiors of them and make fine habitats, but never mine them. On 07/21/2202 we suffered our first failure, there was an asteroid wide fracture that went undetected, and while clearing a shaft for new housing, the entire left side of Kentucky blew apart, scattering 900k souls amongst the stars, we learned, Don’t shit where you eat.


 In the beginning mining was very difficult, we used raw extraction methods and had to drive one large mass all the way back to  Luna for processing, now with small scale elemental separators it’s just tag, bag and wait for a sale, and we have lots of customers.


 Our latest customer is a Discoverer, name of Cat something, anyway he’s got a 2b find for us to play with and some backup, so maybe some fun ahead, Pirates? Bring it on, CCP? We’ll see, they are tough. We are going in first to establish points and a base, then wait, again, let’s see how this plays out,